About Us

Liyanet Group Limited

Our company is one of the leading companies in Eritrea providing IT solutions in the area of software development, LAN and WAN installation and configuration, IT Training, Assembly, sales and services of computing and electronic equipment’s. The company is staffed with experienced and competent professionals in various disciplines, namely, Electrical and communication engineering, computer science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, statistics and business management.

We are a top-tier ICT firm with a presence in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda and UAE.

Our company has been operating successfully for 20 years, and our staff members have a combined total staff experiences of 50 years in the areas of software development, data networking, telecommunications, assembly of computers and sales of ICT products. Using our innovative and sophisticated data centers, we offer a wide range of ICT solutions while keeping innovation and transparency at the core of everything we do.



LIYANET GROUP LIMITED established to contribute in the world of information communication technology development by fulfilling the need and desire of customers.



Implementation of Africanarealstate.com, for one of the prominent real estate company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, an affiliate of conglomerate companies of Asmara holding group companies in Africa and UAE in joint venture with Y-tech digital firm in Ethiopia.


Core Values

To maintain our company as a growth-oriented and long term leader in the IT industry.

To provide high return to all our stakeholders.

To provide our staff with the opportunity for a challenging and rewarding career.

To provide our customers with innovative, high quality ICT products and services.

To provide our suppliers with a strong, reliable market for their products and services.

our Strategies

Advanced data centers

 Our strategic excellence position is the explicit focus on the operation of sophisticated and highly secure data center infrastructure. The managing of the data centers is including as well as the interconnection of these sites. 

Sophisticated data center.

Our sophisticated data centers ensure absolute security.

Sustainable growth.

We grow sustainably and control risks consciously.

Steadiness at all points.

We grow sustainably and control risks consciously.

Our Targets

Entrepreneurial ambition

We aim high and challenge ourselves constantly. We will reinforce our market position trough systematic advancement of innovation and resource-conserving policy. This enables us to achieve our ambitioned targets, the absolute security of the data consistency through decentralized locations and its connection.